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Speleology tourism is an exciting option for travelers who want to explore the underground world and discover the hidden beauty of caves and caverns. This activity offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in unique natural environments, learn about the geology and history of caves, and experience the thrill of exploration in subterranean settings.

Speleology Activities

Speleology in Alcalá del Júcar

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  • Availability: Every day
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • - Harness
  • - Helmet
  • - Overall
  • - Civil Liability Insurance
Adults: 40€
Children: 35€


An authentic Speleology activity

to learn and enjoy

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What is speleology?

Speleology is a fascinating discipline that combines adventure, science, and sport, allowing for the exploration and study of the underground world. Often described as the science of caves and natural cavities, speleology goes beyond mere exploration; it involves the detailed study of the geology, biology, hydrology, and climatology of these hidden environments. For those wondering what speleology is, it is a gateway to subterranean landscapes that remain unchanged and unexplored, accessible only to those willing to delve into the depths of the earth.

What does speleology study?

Speleology is dedicated to the comprehensive study of caves and the underground environment. This science examines the formation and development of caves, the geological structures they contain, as well as the flora and fauna that inhabit these dark and often inaccessible spaces. Speleologists document the existence of underground rivers, lakes, unique mineral formations such as stalactites and stalagmites, and study how these environments contribute to the global ecosystem. In summary, speleology encompasses a wide range of sciences to better understand the secrets hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

Where can you go speleology?

Speleology in Valencia and its surroundings offers a world of adventure for those interested in exploring the subterranean realm. With us, Hoces Ventura, you can experience this unique journey, delving into caves and chasms that reveal the stunning beauty and complexity of the underground world. Our region is rich in karst landscapes, providing numerous opportunities for speleological exploration, from initiations to more technical and advanced expeditions.

Whether you are looking to begin your journey into the fascinating world of speleology or want to deepen your knowledge and skills in this science and sport, Hoces Ventura is your gateway to the hidden wonders beneath the earth in Valencia. Join us in discovering the mysteries that await in the depths, and experience an adventure that combines learning and a profound connection with nature.

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Speleology in Alcalá del Júcar

Duration of the activity

4 hours




Available every day

📖 Information


Immerse yourself in the underground adventure of spelunking with Hoces Ventura in Alcalá del Júcar. We invite you to a unique experience, where you will explore a hidden world full of stalactites, stalagmites, and fascinating underground landscapes, accessible only by delving into the depths of the earth. The activity we offer is loaded with discoveries and emotions, revealing that beauty is hidden even in the most unexpected places. The Two Mouths chasm, perfect for those starting in spelunking, requires no previous experience or technical knowledge.

For this underground exploration, the meeting point will be in Alcalá del Júcar. You just need to bring suitable clothing and footwear for mountain or sports activities; we take care of the necessary equipment at Hoces Ventura. We will provide a protective overall to prevent your clothes from getting dirty, as well as a harness, helmet, and headlamp for your safety and comfort.


👍 Included in the price


🗸 Harness

🗸 Helmet

🗸 Overall

🗸 Civil Liability Insurance


⛷️ What you need to bring


Sports footwear

🗺️ Activity Location

The spelunking activity takes place in Alcalá del Júcar.

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